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Providing Old Friends with a Loving Home for Life

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Sanctuary Admissions

Marty’s Place is a Long Term Care Sanctuary
-- providing residents with a loving home for life.

Minimum requirement:  To be considered for admission to Marty's Place, a dog must be 7 years old at the time of enrollment.

Each animal has a unique personality and individual needs.  We have developed a process, working together with the owner, to determine if we can provide the best care required for their pet.

The first step is to complete our Application for Admission. Upon review of the application, Marty's Place conducts a thorough and thoughtful evaluation that includes medical and behavioral components.  Once the evaluations are completed and admission is approved, the dog's arrival at the sanctuary will be coordinated. 

Senior dogs admitted to Marty’s Place come primarily from pet owners, but there may be instances when they come from a shelter or other animal welfare organization.

For more information about our admissions process and fees -

Marty's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary is
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

118 Route 526, Upper Freehold Township, NJ 08501